We consult, design, engineer, and make products for the arts and entertainment industry, architecture, robotics and technology and industrial sectors.


We perform all types of property maintenance and repair

We have the expertise to protect the value of your property with our services. We take pride in delivering quality services that exceed the expectations of our clients.


Dodatne usluge

GREEN FORCE  je uvek tu! Naši servisni centri su Vam na raspolaganju. Green Force  je savršeno svesna da svaki trenutak je važan. Da vaš posao i poslovanje, kretanje ne može da se zaustavi i stane. Mi smo osmislili više direktnih servisa kojima smo za vaše potrebne uvek dostupni.

We have a commitment to the community and the environment in each of the regions where we carry out our production activities. We take care of natural resources and protect native ecosystems.

Management Construction

This area delivers the control you want over all critical aspects of your project.

Water Environment

A good owner’s rep saves their client time, money and a lot of headaches.

Design Exterior

Clients hire Bauer because we deliver great value, without question.

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If you’ve got questions or ideas you would like to share, send a message. For anything more specific, please use one of the addresses listed below.

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